MPI TS150, TS200 & TS300 

TS150 Manual Probe Station
MPI TS150, TS200 & TS300 each incorporate many exciting features which make daily operation much simpler.  The features are easy, intuitive, convenient and ensure highly accurate measurements.

MPI-AST-V20-001TS150 Fact Sheet

MPI-AST-V20-001TS200 Fact Sheet

TMPI-AST-V20-001S300 Fact Sheet

MPI-AST-V20-001TS150 Data Sheet

MPI-AST-V20-001TS200 Data Sheet

MPI-AST-V20-001TS300 Data Sheet

Features & Benefits

Air-Bearing Stage

The MPI unique air-bearing stage design, with simple single-handed puck control, provides unsurpassed convenience of operation for fast XY navigation and quick wafer loading without compromising accurate and fine positioning capability with the additional fine and accurate 25x25mm XY-Theta micrometer movement.

TS150 TS200 TS300 Probe System Unique platen lift

Platen Lift with Probe Hover Control™

Measurement accuracy depends on the contact quality first! The highly repeatable (1 µm) platen lift design with three discrete positions for contact, separation (300 µm), and loading (3 mm) with a safety lock utility are all examples of unparalleled functionality incorporated into MPI….


Height Adjustment Scale

The probe platen has 25 mm of fine height adjustment required to support various applications. The unique 1mm accurate scale gives direct feedback about the current position.

Compact and Rigid Platen Design

The compact and rigid platen design accommodates up to ten DC or four RF MicroPositioners for various application requirements.

Various Chuck Options

The manual systems are available with various chuck options to meet different budgets and application requirements. Chuck options include MPI’s coaxial or triaxial Chucks or various ERS thermal chucks


Auxiliary Chucks

The RF chucks include two auxiliary chucks built in ceramic material for accurate RF calibration.

Various Optic and Movement Choices

A wide range of Optics and movements are available with a choice between stereo for common DC/CV applications or a single tube MPI SZ10 or MZ12 for RF configurations. Even high power optics, like Mitutoyo FS70 or Motic PSM-1000 are available for Failure Analysis application.

Optic Tilting-Up-Fad

Optic Tilting

90 degree tilting as a standard feature or even pneumatically driven, linear Z lift offers very convenient set-up and easy probe tips replacement.

Vibration Isolation Platform

All manual systems includes vibration absorbing base to achieve stable and reliable long-term probe to pad contact which ensures reliable measurement results. Vibration isolation platform or table are optional available where the laboratory environment requires extensive vibration protection.


The available DarkBox options provides an EMI-shielded and light-tight test environment for ultra-low noise DC measurements.

For more detailed DarkBox pictures, please go to Further Accessories.

MPI TS150, TS200 & TS300 are open, easy to use and cost effective manual probe systems designed for precision analysis of substrates and wafers up to 150, 200 and 300 mm. These systems address a wide variety of applications such as Failure AnalysisDesign Validation/IC Engineering, Wafer Level Reliability, MEMS, High Power and Device Characterization and Modeling.