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Welcome to the AST Division Technical Partners page. Our success in delivering cutting-edge semiconductor testing solutions wouldn't be possible without the collaboration of our esteemed technical partners. Discover the innovative companies that contribute to our probe stations' capabilities and the seamless integration of advanced test equipment.
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Keysight Technologies: Our Trusted Partner in Innovation

At MPI Corporation, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation, and our partnership with Keysight Technologies exemplifies this commitment. Keysight Technologies is a global leader in electronic measurement, empowering technology advancements that are shaping a better world. As our largest partner, Keysight brings unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge measurement solutions to our collaborative efforts.

Collaboration Overview

KeysightOur collaboration with Keysight Technologies has yielded groundbreaking advancements in the field of semiconductor testing and measurement. Together, we have embarked on numerous pioneering projects, including the development of a 110GHz vector load pull system and the exploration of d-band sub-THz measurements. These ventures represent the synergy of our technical excellence and Keysight's state-of-the-art measurement technologies.


Innovation Contribution

Our partnership with Keysight Technologies has a storied history of achievements. From pushing the boundaries of RF and mmWave applications to addressing the challenges of high-power testing, our collaboration has consistently delivered innovative solutions that empower our customers to reach new heights. As we continue this remarkable journey together, we look forward to shaping the future of semiconductor testing and measurement.


Together with Keysight Technologies, we are not just partners; we are pioneers, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in semiconductor testing and measurement. Join us on this exciting journey of innovation.
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Rohde & Schwarz - High Performance Vector Network Analyzer Division

MPI Corporation's AST Division is proud to collaborate with Rohde & Schwarz's High Performance Vector Network Analyzer Division in Munich, Germany. This partnership signifies a convergence of excellence, where precision and innovation merge to shape the future of semiconductor testing. Our integration of Rohde & Schwarz's cutting-edge technology into our solutions takes on-wafer testing to new heights.

Innovative Contribution: Empowering On-Wafer Test Solutions with ZNA

TS150 THZRS Application RS extenders ZNA GGB ProbescroppedTogether with Rohde & Schwarz's High Performance Vector Network Analyzer Division, we introduce a new era of on-wafer testing capabilities. Our collaboration focuses on the latest ZNA group, which brings unparalleled performance to our offerings. The ZNA series empowers semiconductor manufacturers with advanced measurements, dynamic range, and stability, enabling breakthroughs in applications spanning automotive, 5G, and aerospace.


Past Collaboration: Turnkey Solutions and Test Stations

The partnership between Rohde & Schwarz and MPI Corporation has a proven history of delivering turnkey solutions for RF and mmWave measurements. Our collaboration has intensified and expanded to offer test stations across Asia, Europe, and the USA. These stations allow interested parties to perform trial measurements, ensuring the perfect fit before adopting a solution.


Explore Our Success Together:

To learn more about the dynamic collaboration between MPI Corporation and Rohde & Schwarz's High Performance Vector Network Analyzer Division, visit https://cdn.rohde-schwarz.com/magazine/pdfs_1/article/217/english_19/NEWS_217__03_ZVAMIPI__en.pdf

Amcad Engineering

Amcad Engineering, our valued collaborator, is an innovative French company specializing in software and hardware solutions for testing, modeling, and simulating radiofrequency electronic circuits. Together with MPI Corporation's AST Division, we bring forth a partnership that bridges precision and innovation in on-wafer testing.

Innovative Contribution: Pulsed DC, RF Measurements, Load Pull, and Modeling

AMCAD Engineering 01Amcad Engineering's prowess in both pulsed DC and RF measurements, coupled with their expertise in modeling and load pull measurements, has been a cornerstone of our partnership's success. Their ability to delve deep into on-wafer devices complements our probe stations seamlessly. With a shared customer base and a collaborative spirit, we collectively drive advancements in semiconductor technologies, especially within the domains of telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and 5G communication systems.


Explore Amcad Engineering:

Gain a deeper insight into our partnership's significance and Amcad Engineering's impactful solutions by visiting https://www.amcad-engineering.com/

Maury Microwave - Calibration, Measurement, and Modeling Solutions Partner

Enter the realm of best-in-class solutions through our collaboration with Maury Microwave, your definitive partner for calibration, measurement, and modeling solutions. MPI Corporation's AST Division teams up with Maury Microwave to elevate the semiconductor testing landscape. Our partnership epitomizes seamless integration, offering a comprehensive range of components and solutions that empower engineers and researchers to succeed.

Innovative Contribution: Direct Connect Tuner Revolution

Maury Microwave 01Maury Microwave's pioneering spirit shines through their breakthrough design of the direct connect tuner—a transformational advancement in load pull technology. Our partnership shines by integrating this innovation seamlessly onto our probe stations. This integration revolutionizes on-wafer measurements, ensuring high tuning accuracy, repeatability, and minimal signal distortion.


Complete Your Lab with Best-in-Class Solutions

Maury Microwave stands as a complete solutions provider, enriching labs with adapters, cable assemblies, attenuators, coaxial and waveguide VNA calibration kits, calibration standards, turnkey characterization solutions, and more. Their Nano5G, an industry-leading automated impedance tuner optimized for load pull measurements at 5G FR2 frequencies, is a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation.


Empowering Load Pull Measurements: Nano5G Impedance Tuner

The industry's best Nano5G impedance tuner represents a collaborative success story. It's optimized for load pull measurements at 5G FR2 frequencies and offers high VSWR, tuning accuracy, and repeatability. With a direct probe connection and minimized signal distortion, Nano5G becomes the ideal choice for on-wafer measurements in the 18-50 GHz band, epitomizing the synergy between our organizations.


Learn More About Maury Microwave:

Uncover the world of calibration, measurement, and modeling excellence by visiting https://www.maurymw.com/MW_RF/Nano_Tuners.php

Focus Microwaves - Pioneers in Load Pull Technology

The collaboration between MPI Corporation's AST Division and Focus Microwaves, an industry trailblazer in load pull technology, has redefined the boundaries of on-wafer measurements. Our joint pursuit of excellence has yielded a fusion of expertise that paves the way for optimal tuning range and precision in semiconductor testing.

Innovative Contribution: Direct Tuner Connection Revolution

Focus Microwaves 01Focus Microwaves' pioneering technology of direct tuner connection has revolutionized the load pull landscape, and our partnership has magnified its impact. By integrating their innovative DELTA series of electro-mechanical tuners, we eliminate insertion loss between the device under test (DUT) and the tuner. This groundbreaking approach translates to unparalleled tuning range and accuracy, enhancing semiconductor testing across the board.


Empowering 5G Characterization: Broadband Harmonic Tuners

Our collaborative solutions have played a pivotal role in the 5G market. Focus Microwaves' 110GHz broadband harmonic tuners, fully integrated with MPI's systems, enable comprehensive characterization of high-power amplifiers. This empowers engineers and researchers to advance 5G technologies with unprecedented precision and confidence.


Explore Load Pull Excellence:

Discover the power of our collaboration with Focus Microwaves by visiting https://focus-microwaves.com/products/mpi-ts200/

Anritsu Corporation - Vector Network Division

At MPI Corporation's AST Division, we are proud to collaborate with Anritsu's Vector Network Division, a pioneering force in vector network analysis technology. Together, we synergize our strengths to elevate the capabilities of our probe stations and redefine the landscape of on-wafer testing. By seamlessly integrating Anritsu's high-end VectorStar portfolio, we enable semiconductor manufacturers to achieve precision and performance in RF and microwave measurements like never before.

Unique Offering: 220GHz Single-Ended and Dual Probe

MPI IceFreeEnvironment™One of our proudest achievements stemming from this partnership is the development of an unprecedented 220GHz single-ended and dual probe solution. This cutting-edge offering, a result of our joint ingenuity, fills a crucial gap in the market. It empowers semiconductor manufacturers with the tools to explore the uncharted waters of high-frequency testing, setting new benchmarks in accuracy and innovation.


Shared Commitment: Precision, Performance, Possibility

MPI and Anritsu share a common commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility. Our collaboration amplifies the value of MPI's probe stations by integrating Anritsu's industry-leading VectorStar solutions. This combined expertise reflects our mutual dedication to delivering testing solutions that empower engineers, researchers, and manufacturers to confidently navigate the complex RF and microwave landscape.


Discover Our Partnership:

Explore the transformative potential of our collaboration with Anritsu's Vector Network Division by visiting the https://www.anritsu.com/en-us/test-measurement/products/me7838

Copper Mountain Technologies - Advancing Semiconductor Testing with MPI Probe Stations

Welcome to the world of advanced semiconductor testing, where the synergy between MPI Corporation's AST Division and Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) has redefined precision and efficiency. Our collaboration introduces seamless integration of Copper Mountain Technologies' Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) with MPI's state-of-the-art probe testing systems, revolutionizing semiconductor testing for electronic component manufacturers.

Innovative Contribution: Comprehensive Wafer-Level Measurement System

MPI's Advanced Semiconductor Test Division pioneers in engineering probe systems tailored to diverse market segments and applications. The integration of Copper Mountain Technologies' VNAs into our systems brings forth a comprehensive wafer-level measurement solution. Compatible with our QAlibira® RF calibration software, this collaboration ensures unparalleled accuracy and repeatability in semiconductor testing.

Elevating Semiconductor Testing

Our partnership creates a perfect amalgamation of expertise. MPI Engineering Probe Systems, known for pioneering features and advanced alignment, enable repeatable and reproducible data. Copper Mountain Technologies' VNAs enhance this capability by seamlessly integrating with our systems, be it manual platforms for research or fully-automated solutions for production environments.

Unlocking Calibration Excellence: QAlibira® RF Calibration Software

At the core of this collaboration lies the revolutionary QAlibira® RF calibration software. This software simplifies complex RF system calibration tasks with its intuitive multi-touch GUI. Its NIST multiline TRL calibration method and seamless integration with the SENTIO® prober-control suite amplify accuracy and efficiency, driving precision throughout the testing process.

Explore the Collaboration's Impact:

Experience the fusion of technology and innovation by visiting https://coppermountaintech.com/integration-advanced-semiconductor-testing-with-mpi-probe-stations/

Primarius - Empowering Semiconductor Characterization

MPI Corporation and Primarius Technologies have joined forces to deliver an advanced characterization and modeling solution that revolutionizes semiconductor testing. Our strategic partnership integrates Primarius' cutting-edge SPICE modeling and noise characterization solution with MPI's state-of-the-art probing technologies, setting a new benchmark for accuracy and efficiency in the industry.

Collaboration HighlightsChiller

Primarius 01
Our collaboration has yielded a seamless integration of Primarius' SPICE modeling and noise characterization solution with MPI's advanced probe stations. This collaboration enhances the capabilities of MPI's probe stations to perform automated measurements of DC, CV, and noise characteristics. MPI users now have easy access to Primarius' industry-leading SPICE modeling and noise characterization offerings. The partnership has optimized MPI's probing technologies to work harmoniously with ProPlus' 9812DX noise analyzer, enhancing wafer-level noise characterization and measurement quality.


Innovative Contribution

By uniting our expertise, we've designed a specially crafted probe card that elevates noise characterization to new heights. This innovation ensures the fastest and most accurate noise characterization, delivering superior data quality and stability. We're proud to deliver a high throughput noise characterization and modeling system that's supported by MPI's exceptional shielding technology, guaranteeing reliable and accurate noise measurements while reducing the cost of testing.


Together, we're setting new industry standards for noise characterization, and we invite you to explore the possibilities with our collaborative solution.
For more information:

Microsanj - Leaders in High-Resolution Thermal Imaging

Embrace the frontiers of high-resolution thermal imaging through our dynamic partnership with Microsanj. As a recognized technical leader in the field, Microsanj empowers MPI Corporation's AST Division with cutting-edge thermal imaging solutions. Together, we usher in an era of unprecedented insights into thermal design and characterization for microelectronic and optoelectronic devices.

Innovative Contribution: Wafer Level Thermal Imaging

Microsanj 01Our collaboration with Microsanj signifies a leap in wafer level thermal testing. By interfacing the Microsanj EZ-THERM EZ510-MPI Controller with MPI's iMAG® SANJ1 digital optical head, we provide high-resolution wafer level thermal testing capabilities. This partnership creates a unique thermal analysis system that harnesses the power of thermoreflectance technique combined with infrared imaging, offering spatial, temporal, and thermal resolution benefits.


Enabling Advanced Research and Design Tradeoffs

Microsanj's mission aligns with the evolving landscape of semiconductor and optoelectronic devices. Their thermal analysis systems provide nanoscale-level thermal analysis, catering to the demands of shrinking geometries, advanced materials, and dynamic thermal events. Whether it's device failure analysis, optimal design tradeoffs, or manufacturing process validation, Microsanj's thermal imaging solutions offer insights that drive optimal performance and reliability.


Discover Microsanj's Excellence:

Unlock the potential of high-resolution thermal imaging technology by visiting https://www.microsanj.com/products


At MPI Corporation's Advanced Semiconductor Test Division, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation. Our partnership with Tektronix has been pivotal in tackling complex challenges and delivering cutting-edge solutions to the semiconductor industry.

Collaboration Overview

Our collaboration with Tektronix serves as a compelling example of how complementary technologies can elevate performance and outcomes in semiconductor testing. By harmonizing our high-end probe stations with Tektronix's 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer, we offer our customers a streamlined, efficient testing experience. This partnership enhances our visibility in the marketplace and fortifies our commitment to delivering innovative, integrated solutions to the semiconductor industry.


Innovative Contribution

The essence of innovation often lies in simplicity, and our partnership with Tektronix exemplifies this. Our mutual commitment to industry-leading quality ensures seamless compatibility between Tektronix's 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer and MPI's advanced probe stations. This smooth integration facilitates not just "point and click" test sequencing and prober functionality tests, but also offers a "fake prober mode" for debugging without removing commands. While the connections might appear as just hardware and software compatibility, they serve as the foundation for flexible, reliable, and robust semiconductor testing solutions.


Explore the full case study to learn more about our collaborative success: