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MPI Manual Probe Systems


Standard Open Systems

MPI TS150, TS200 & TS300 manual probe systems are open, easy to use and cost effective yet highly accurate. These systems are designed for precision analysis of substrates and wafers up to 150, 200 and 300mm.


They may be configured to support a wide variety of applications such as Failure AnalysisDesign Validation/IC Engineering, Wafer Level Reliability, MEMS, High Power and Device Characterization and Modeling as well.

High Power Systems

The MPI TS150-HP and TS200-HP probe systems are specifically designed for on-wafer high power device characterization testing up to 10 kV and 600 A. Dedicated chuck designs, connectors and cables are engineered to achieve low contact resistance measurements of power semiconductor under wide range of temperatures.



MPI TS150 Manual Probe System - Vibration Isolation Platform


MPI Dark Box Option for MPI Manual Probe Stations

Dedicated Systems for mmW and THz Application

MPI TS150–THZ engineering probe system is a dedicated, cost effective, manual probe system designed especially for precision analysis of substrates and 150 mm wafers in sub THz range.  The system is extremely stable, with a large probe platen, and a low-profile design. Each of these essential elements are required to support a wide variety of RF and mmW applications such as broadband up to 220 GHz, banded solutions up to 1.1THz, load-pull and RF noise. 

TS150-AIT and TS200-THZ probe system expand MPI one-of-a-kind system solutions for emerging THz applications by adding active impedance tuner integrations on the same probe stations. These two systems are the industry’s first explicitly designed 150 mm and 200 mm probe systems providing accurate tests for the combination of requirements for mm-wave, THz, and automated impedance tuner applications with best possible measurement directivity.


Wafer Test Solution


MPI TS200-THZ - 200 mm Manual Probe System for mmW & THz Measurements

Shielded Systems

The MPI TS200-SE and TS300-SE probe system incorporate the ShielDEnvironment™ providing optimal EMI shielding which allows ultra-low noise device on-wafer measurements mainly for Device Characterization and Modeling applications.

The modular design concept of all MPI manual probe systems allows a unique upgrade path towards reduced cost of ownership.


Wafer Test Solution


MPI TS300-SE - 300 mm Manual Probe System with ShielDEnvironment™