MPI DC & RF Probe Arms

MPI DC & RF Probe Arms

Probe Arms

MPI offers a complete portfolio of Probe Arms such as

  • Standard as coaxial, triaxial, and high-voltage versions
  • Kelvin
  • RF

All capable of performing at temperatures up to 300°C.

Features & Benefits

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Easy, Fast, and Tool-less

All Standard MPI Probe Arms are developed with a stainless tube design best for wide temperature ranges (-60°C…300°C), and held by the unique Universal Probe Holder, which allows Easy, Fast, and Tool-less:

  • Height and Angle Adjustments 
  • Probe Arm Replacement for wide range of different set-ups.

The universal probe Holder is compatible to all MPI MicroPositioners.

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Height Indicator

All Standard MPI Probe Arms have a distinctive Height Indicator allowing very fast and easy initiative set-up!

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DC Probes Tips Holders

All DC probes tips holders are designed for easy probe replacement and adjustment. Probe tips can be fixed at any variable or with pre-configured: 45° and 60° angles for specific tip scatting control at different applications.

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Kelvin Probe Holder

The proprietary MPI Kelvin probe holder is isolated as close as possible to the DUT tips and offers:

  • Vertical Self-leveling Probe Tip Alignment
  • Dedicated Force and Sense Cable Arrangement

with fast and convenient probe tip replacement.

It’s the new benchmark for accurate ultra-low noise, impedance or pulsed-IV measurements. Enabling even a novice user to perform fast and accurate measurements, the Kelvin probes provide easy reconfiguration for 4TP-connection or/and splitting the ground for pulsed-IV tests.

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Tool-Less Vertical Height Adjustments

The unique tool-less vertical height adjustments with a built-in mm-scale is a just a small example of thoughtful usability when working with different RF Probe technologies.

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Easy RF Probe Replacement

Have you or an operator ever lost the screws as probes are being replaced or relocated? At MPI we understand and appreciate the “small” yet significant pain felt by users in these situations.

MPI was able to quickly implement a “small” and creative solution, like the magnetic screw holder seen here, as another example of our sincere customer commitment to ease of use!

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Mitutoyo Micrometer

The RF probe arms enable easy and very convenient probe leveling – using Mitutoyo micrometer screws consequentially placed in front of the operator.

Now with the additional cap, the probe leveling is much easier and even more accurate.

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