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300mm Probing System | TS3000-SiPH Automated Probe System  

MPI NoiseShield™

MPI ShielDEnvironment™

MPI probe stations equipped with ShielDEnvironment™ – high performance local environmental chamber – such as TS200-SE, TS300-SE, TS2000-SE, TS3000-SE or TS3500-SE provide excellent EMI and light-tight shielded test environment for ultra-low noise measurements.

Best in class specification of MPI ShielDEnvironment™ are defined under real life testing conditions, which include four Kelvin DC probes. It makes MPI Shielded probe systems the benchmark for 1/f (Flicker) Noise and RTN measurements.

Features & Benefits

Extensive Shielding

MPI’s NoiseShield™ is developed exclusively to deliver high customer value by reducing cost of test. It offers in combination with MPI ShielDEnvironment™ to provide unsurpassed EMI-Shielding for DUT and, the measurement instrument (such as pre-amplifier unit), all cables and connectors.

The NoiseShield™ option provides shorter cable lengths to reduce parasitic capacitance to maximize the test system roll-off frequency. It also reduces external magnetic field influences on the measurement results and makes the 1/f, RTN setup more robust and test lab location less-independent.

MPI NoiseShield™ - Extensive Shielding

Seamless Integration

Low impedance cables, low-impedance system’s grounding and ferrite cores on the unique MPI Kelvin probes are part of the delivery in order to make the probe station completely “invisible” and to achieve measurement results to reach the limit of the instrumentation noise floor.

The NoiseShield™ design provides convenient set-up as well as, integrating ProPlus 9812DX High Precision LNA very close to DUT and supports DC or RF pad design.

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MPI NoiseShield™ - Seamless Integration