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TS2500 Series – Fully-Automatic Probe Systems For 24/7 Production Tests


The MPI TS2500 Series are not engineering probe stations with loader, the Series are explicitly designed for accurate and reliable 24/7 production tests.

The main applications are DC/CV, RF, High Power or testing of MEMS and other sensors under defined test environment.
TS2500-SE is incorporating MPI’s best on the market ShielDEnvironment™ to offer unsurpassed light-tight and EMI-Shielding for accurate ultra-low DC and RF noise measurements.

Features & Benefits

High Throughput

Automation includes dedicated end-effectors combined with dual wafer cassette holders for 100 or 150 or 200mm wafers, providing high efficiency wafer exchange and enhanced speed of test. The TS2500 Series can reach maximum speed of 10 Die/second (dependent upon final systems configuration) which makes it an ideal choice for production electrical tests on discrete RF and High-Power devices as well as on integrated circuits (ICs).

TS2500-SE - Dual End-Effector

Advanced Alignment

Advanced alignment features such as standard off-axis and optional chuck mounted upward ­ looking cameras make the TS2500 an ideal platform for testing within complex RF and High Power measurement configurations. Decades of experience from MPI Photonics Automation Division making such features reliable. Wafer-ID reader is optional available as well.


High Voltage, High Current and Ultra High Power Probes

MPI High Power probing solutions include the dedicated high current probes which use MPI propriety multi-contact tips for reduced contact resistance. MPl’s high voltage probes are capable of low leakage current measurements during high voltage tests up to 3 kV triaxial or 5 kV & 10 kV coaxial set-ups and up to 600 A.

MPI’s high-power probe cards suspending arcing up to 10 kV and offering unique testing possibilities up to 150°C as well.


Thin Wafer Handling

The unique design of TS2500 chucks, dedicated cassettes, end-effectors and wafer lift pins can safely handle wafers with thickness down to 50 micrometers and thus enable testing of challenging thin Ill-Vs compounds wafers.

TS2500-RF - Thin Wafer Handling

MPI Ambient & Thermal Chucks

The award winning, MPI & ERS thermal chucks incorporate the patented AC3 cooling technology and self- management system to purge the MPI ShielDEnvironment™ using recycled cooling air, thus drastically reducing air consumption down to 50% as compared to other systems on the market.

ERS Patented AC3 Cooling Technology

MPI ShielDEnvironment™

It is a high performance local environmental chamber providing the best in the market EMI- and light-tight shielded test environment for ultra-low noise, low capacitance measurements and standard for TS2500-SE probe system. A fully configurable part of the MPI ShielDEnvironment™ allows up to 4-port RF or up to 8-ports DC/Kelvin or a combination of those configurations.

MPI ShielDEnvironment™ - Probe Platen with Positioner


By using a novel approach based on simplicity and truly intuitive operation, MPI was first to develop a revolutionary multi-touch prober control software suite to address today’s challenges of operating complex probe test systems.

MPI goal is to save significantly training time and makes the operators’ life as easy as possible, even by operating the fully-automatic TS2500 Series probe stations.

MPI Prober Control Software Suite SENTIO®

Complete Test Solution

The TS2500 can be configured with MPl’s advanced RF / High Power accessories such as, MicroPositioners , RF cables, calibration substrates, TITAN™ RF probes, High Power instrument connection packages, Taiko wafer support, or anti-arcing LiquidTray™ to ensure safe and accurate RF / High Power measurements.

And with the integration of the VNA closer to the DUT, the MPI partnership with Rohde & Schwarz, and new advanced calibration techniques, the TS2500-RF becomes a complete measurement solution that addresses the complexities of RF production test

Complete Test Solution