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TS2500 Series – Fully Automatic Probe Systems for Production Test

TS2500 Series – Fully Automatic Probe Systems for Production Test

300mm Automatic Probe Station

MPI Corporation has quickly become the innovation leader in our served markets by introducing more than a dozen new products in a span of less than two years.

The latest product innovation of MPI is a fully automatic probe system dedicated to Radio Frequency (RF) production test. The system is compatible with all MPI system accessories and is designed specifically to address the need for advanced RF device testing at the production level.

Features & Benefits

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Thin Wafer Handling

MPI ambient or ERS AirCool® thermal chucks support wide-range of temperature from 20°C to 300°C.

The unique design of TS2500 RF chucks and wafer lift pins can safely handle wafers with thickness down to 50 micrometers and thus enable testing of challenging thin III-Vs compounds wafers. The RF chucks include two auxiliary chucks constructed entirely with special ceramic material for accurate RF calibration. The auxiliary chucks may also serve to hold probe cleaning materials.

The  HP chucks are manufactured with low contact resistance and gold plated chuck tops. The chucks are fully integrated assemblies and are capable of holding wafers as thin as 70 µm. Users can configured high power chucks to support Taiko wafer types.

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High Throughput

Automation includes dual end-effectors combined with dual wafer cassette holders for 150 or 200mm wafers, providing high efficiency wafer exchange and enhanced speed of test. The TS2500-RF can reach maximum speed of 10 Die/second (dependent upon final systems configuration) which makes it an ideal choice for production electrical tests on discrete RF devices as well as integrated circuits (ICs).

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Advanced Alignment

Advanced alignment features such as off-axis and chuck mounted upper-looking cameras make the TS2500-RF an ideal platform for testing within complex RF measurement configurations. Decades of experience from MPI Photonics Automation Division making such features reliable.

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High Voltage, High Current and Ultra High Power Probes

MPI High Power probing solutions include the dedicated high current probes which use MPI propriety multi-contact tips for reduced contact resistance.

MPI’s high voltage probes are capable of low leakage current measurements during high voltage tests up to 3 kV triaxial or 5 kV & 10 kV coaxial set-ups.

In addition, MPI Ultra-High-Power probes provides solution for on wafer measurement of ultra-high power devices up to 10kV/600A.

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Complete Test Solution

The TS2500 can be configured with MPI’s advanced RF / High Power accessories such as, MicroPositionersRF cablescalibration substratesTITAN™ RF probes, High Power instrument connection packages,  Taiko wafer support, or anti-arcing LiquidTray™ to ensure safe and accurate RF / High Power measurements.

And with the integration of the VNA closer to the DUT, the MPI partnership with Rohde & Schwarz, and new advanced calibration techniques, the TS2500-RF becomes a complete measurement solution that addresses the complexities of RF production test.

Feel the Difference

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Software Suite SENTIO®

MPI revolutionary, single window GUI, multi-touch operational SENTIO® Software Suite provides simplicity and clarity and is reducing significantly operator distraction.

Minimizing operational training and allows everyone to become an expert in very short time.

SENTIO® DashBoard™ is mapping the probe systems distinctively to guide the operator by clicking of the active and clear visible probe systems components by minimizing operational errors.

The software free upgradability is build-in into the kernel and is easy to be executed as for any computer operation systems – this saves costs and is future ready.

The MPI RF calibration software engine QAlibria® is fully integrated with SENTIO® – there is no need to switch to another software platform, just follow a single operational concept methodology.

 SENTIO® for TS2500 Series, provides in addition one-button for fast wafer loading, presets for cassette, slots and wafer orientation, Wafer ID editor if ID reader is not available, detailed feedback on wafer test status and easy to use wafer handling.