MPI SENTIO® Software Suite – Feel The Difference

MPI took as first on the market approach to design software for today’s generation of engineers, based on simplicity and truly intuitive operation in order to saves significant training time and to makes operators life as easier as possible!

The unique and revolutionary, multi-touch capable SENTIO® Software Suite is the solution.

Features & Benefits

The DashBoard™

The software is always starting with the unique SENTIO® DashBoard where the probe system is mapped distinctively to guide the operator by clicking of the active and clear…


Live Vision & Wafer Map

Scroll, Zoom, Move commands mimic modern smart mobile devices and allow everyone to become an expert in just minutes. Furthermore known point-and-shoot, drag-and…


The Safety Concept

Not only easy and intuitive – MPI engineers designed the software suite to provide the most safety operation in the same time….

SENTIO® is just another example of the MPI relentless innovation and technology leadership, in order to address customer pain points for having simple, safe, easy and intuitive probe system operation.

SENTIO® – Please “Feel The Difference” – to all other existing prober control software on the market!

Note: The software suite is Win 7 compatible and doesn’t require any registrations for possible future costly upgrades. SENTIO® controls TS2000TS2000-SE, TS2000-HP, TS3000, and TS3000-SE  probe systems.