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MPI Prober Series

Leveraging MPI’s proven technologies, decades of test and measurement equipment manufacturing experience, MPI Photonics Automation (PA) Division has pioneered in developing turnkey probing solutions dedicated to optical devices testing ranged from advanced package testing (e.g., WLP, CSP, FOWLP), VCSEL, MEMS, Photo Detector(PD), UV LED, Laser Diodes(LD), MicroLED, and other manufacturing testing applications. With MPI’s global service infrastructure, more than 10,000 high performance prober systems have been installed worldwide, proven the time-tested reliability of MPI prober systems.
MPI offers a complete and versatile line of high performance prober systems that are designed to address the mass production challenges and requirements for different solutions. MPI prober lines are constructed under two product brands: LEDA brand and SkyWalker brand, all with the highest level of upgradability and customizability to address testing challenges that adapt to your requirements. Click below to navigate through MPI product pages to learn further about our offerings.
Please contact MPI’s PA division with your specific requirements and let us design your next solution.