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MPI Thermal溫度測試系統,提供先進、精準、且使用便利的高低溫測試設備。以累積超過60年的溫度控制實務經驗,提供了現今已被廣泛使用於生產與研究所需的溫度測試方案 。同時,我們所提供的可移動式氣流溫度控制系統,亦可作為temperature chamber與liquid baths的替代方案。

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The ThermalAir TA-5000 series of temperature test systems brings precise temperature control to the test site for semiconductor ICs, electronic components, hybrids, printed circuit boards and other devices. This enables the user to integrate temperature into any test setup for thermal profiling, temperature characterizing and performing fault analysis for applications such as aerospace, RF microwave, fiber optic components, automotive parts, electronic sensors or any electronic and non-electronic devices.

MPI Thermal is a division of MPI Corporation. MPI Corporation was founded in July, 1995 and has enjoyed growth well beyond industry standards due to an infusion between customer centricity, industry leading technology development, advanced manufacturing techniques and world class customer support. In addition, having four vertical markets spanning across a wide variety of industries has fueled consistent MPI growth.

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