MPI Corporation’s Advanced Semiconductor Test Division Announces the Launch of TS3000 and TS3500: Setting the New Standards in Cost-Efficient Wafer Testing with TS3000 & TS3500 Launch

Hsinchu, Taiwan, January 11, 2024 —MPI Corporation, a global leader in semiconductor test equipment, is excited to announce the addition of two new models to its portfolio: the TS3000 and TS3500. These state-of-the-art 300mm probe stations are a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and cost-efficiency in semiconductor testing.

A New Era in Probe Station Technology

The introduction of the TS3000 and TS3500 marks a significant milestone for MPI Corporation. These models represent more than just advancements in probe station technology; they symbolize the company’s dedication to innovation and customer commitment. As noted by Stojan Kanev, the General Manager of MPI’s AST Division, “In less than a decade, we’ve developed over 40 probe station models, reflecting our commitment to offering our clients accessible, cutting-edge technology along with an expansive path for future upgrades.”

Key Features of the TS3000 and TS3500

  1. Innovative Design:
    • The TS3000 and TS3500 are designed to offer unparalleled automation and cost-efficiency, addressing a wide range of testing needs including SiPH (PIC), RF, mmW, Sub-THZ, Load-pull, WLR, and MEMS.
  2. Unmatched Cost-Efficiency:
    • These stations are uniquely designed with ambient or hot-only thermal chucks, making them more cost-effective than any alternatives currently available in the market.
  3. Unlimited Flexibility:
    • Both models offer limitless options for customization and field upgrades. From full automation with the WaferWallet® family for the TS3500 to IceFreeEnvironment™ for a full-temperature range, MPI ensures that each probe station can be tailored to specific user needs.

Enhancing Precision with QAlibria® and SENTIO®

In addition to the hardware advancements, MPI Corporation is proud to feature two revolutionary software solutions: QAlibria® and SENTIO®. QAlibria®, the advanced RF calibration software, offers unmatched accuracy and repeatability in RF measurements. SENTIO®, on the other hand, transforms the user experience in semiconductor testing with its intuitive design and interactive processes.

Applications and Availability

The TS3000 and TS3500 are specifically designed for applications in RF mmWave, Sub THZ, and Load Pull. These new models are now available and can be explored in more detail through the following links:


About MPI Corporation

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, MPI Corporation is a global technology leader in the testing of Semiconductors, Light Emitting Diodes (LED), Photo Detectors, Lasers, Materials Research, Aerospace, Automotive, Fiber Optic, Electronic Components, and more. MPI’s five main business sectors include Probe Card, Photonics Automation, Advanced Semiconductor Test, Thermal Test, and Celadon Systems. MPI offers a wide-ranging portfolio of products and services, from advanced probe card technologies, mass production and engineering probe systems, testers, material handlers, inspection systems, and thermal air stream systems. Many of these products are accompanied by state-of-the-art Calibration and Test & Measurement software suites. MPI’s diverse product portfolio and expertise in leading edge technologies creates a healthy environment for employee growth and retention. With the cross-pollination of technologies and talent, we are committed to delivering long-term value to enhance the competitiveness of our customers. MPI is the first Taipei Exchange (TPEx) listed probe card company in Taiwan.

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