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MPI High Power Probe Systems

10 kV – 600 A

MPI High-Power device characterization systems are specifically designed for on-wafer high power device testing. These systems support up to 3 kV triaxial / 10 kV coaxial and 600 A (pulsed) accurate measurements while providing a low-noise, fully shielded test environment.

High Power Probe System Solutions

MPI high power probing solutions offer variety of probing systems which include manualautomated and fully-automated versions to provide solution for different budgets and specific requirements.


Manual high power systems provide flexibility and cost-effective solutions for research institutes, universities, and foundries that need complex and accurate device characterization but not require to do high volume measurements. These systems are designed to connect with advanced high power measurement instruments to support advanced research works, without compromising the usability, safety and the measurement accuracy up to 3 kV (triax) / 10 kV (coax) and 600 A (pulsed).


MPI automated high power systems provide automated high through-put measurements by programming step-and-repeat functionality through MPI SENTIO® prober control software.


TS2000-DP is designed for open and flexible measurement set up with supporting over temperature measurement up to 300°C. Its open platen design makes it possible to upgrade system for voltage higher than 10 kV, in the future and hence provide value for your investment.


TS2000-HP and TS3000-HP comes with MPI ShielDEnvironment™, providing wide temperature range from negative temperature as low as -60°C to higher temperature of 300°C and ultra-low-noise measurement capability in addition.


TS2500 and TS3500 Series, can be configured as “High-Power” versions as well, in order to provide ultimate automation and flexibility of testing multiple wafers unintendedly.






Manual Probe SystemManual Probe Station
High Power Probe StationHigh Power Probe Station
High Power 300 mm Probe StationHigh Power 300 mm Probe Station
RF Probe StationRF Probe Station
High Power Probe StationHigh-Power Probe Station
300 mm Wafer Probe Station300 mm Wafer Probe Station
Automatic Probe StationAutomatic Probe Station

MPI High Power Technologies

High Voltage, High Current and Ultra-High Power Probes

MPI high power probing solutions include dedicated high voltage, and high current probes which use MPI propriety multi-contact tips for reduced contact resistance. MPI’s high voltage probes are capable of low leakage current measurements during high voltage tests up to 3 kV triaxial or 5 kV & 10 kV coaxial set-ups. In addition, MPI Ultra-High-Power probes provides solution for on wafer measurement of ultra-high power devices up to 10kV/600A.

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Proprietary Triaxial Chuck Connection

MPI’s proprietary triaxial connector offers very easy reconfiguration between, ultra-low noise 3kV triaxial and 10kV coaxial set-ups without any changes to the chuck connection.

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High Power Chucks

The MPI ambient or ERS AirCool® thermal Chucks supports wide-range of temperature from -60°C to 300°C are manufactured with low contact resistance and gold plated chuck tops. The chucks are fully integrated assemblies and are capable of holding wafers as thin as 70 µm. Users can configure high power chucks to support Taiko wafer types.

MPI Anti-arcing LiquidTray™


Specially designed anti-arcing LiquidTray™ can be used for arcing suppressing by simply place on the high power chuck surface. Wafers can be safely placed inside the tray to submerge in the liquid for arcing free high voltage test.

MPI Anti-arcing Probe Card

Anti-Arcing Probe Card

In addition, MPI is offering optional temperature control of the pressurized air in a range of 20 to 200 °C, which correlate direct with the chuck set temperature. High-voltage testing without arcing at higher temperatures are possible now.

Safety Requirement

Regulatory approved MPI high power systems are configured with a safety interlock enabled dark box or an infrared laser light curtain design to provide a safe testing environment.


MPI High Power Selection Guide

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