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Enhanced Vertical Probe Card Solution 80 (EVS80™)

Laboratory Tested, Production Proven

MPI proudly introduces Enhanced Vertical Solution 80 (EVS80™) to the production probe card market. Where typical vertical probe card technologies have inconsistent contact resistance inherent with the floating needle structure, MPI’s EVS technology maintains the probe needle base in constant contact with the substrate structure. This technology also offers a significant improvement of longevity by decreasing the wear on the substrate’s Au pads.

MPI’s Constant Contact Technology

Beyond Stable Contact Resistance

MPI’s EVS80™ is not only designed to stabilize internal resistance variations, the unique patented buckling beam structure, with friction force control between needles and the alignment holes, eliminates the risk of binding. The EVS80™ also incorporates MPI’s special coating technique on the C4 pad configuration of the substrate. This advanced Au plating process also corrects for offsets between substrate and wafer thus providing accurate alignment during thermal testing.

EVS80 High Pin Count Probe Head

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Overall Probe Card Performance

With capacity up to 35,000 probe pins, duration of 1.3 million touchdowns (TD), and path resistance standard deviation lower than 0.1 ohm,  MPI’s EVS80™ is the superior choice for those seeking a combination of reasonable cost of ownership and high quality wafer level production test.