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TA-5000 Environmental Test Chambers

An Evolution in Localized Environmental Test Chambers and Thermal Shock Chambers

The ThermalAir TA5000 is a compact, portable bench top heating and cooling environmental test chamber.

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Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Temperature Range Testing

Instead of taking your parts that need temperature testing to an oven or environmental test chamber, our temperature testing system allows you to perform your thermal testing right where you need it – at your test bench, on your production floor or in your test laboratory.

The ThermalAir temperature test systems are a  series of Localized Environmental Test Chamber provide a high capacity thermal air stream that are used for temperature testing, fast thermal cycling, and device temperature characterization of components, hybrids, modules, PCBs, and other electronic and assemblies at precise temperature range testing from -90°C to +225°C

MPI Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Whether it’s environmental temperature testing, thermal profiling, temperature cycling, thermal shock, or test conditioning, ThermalAir Temperature Test Equipment can help with your temperature testing requirements


ThermalAir Thermal Shock Chambers

The ThermalAir TA-5000 products with a wide range of temperature testing capabilities. Bench top -40°C to +80°C applications to temperature cycling -100°C to +300°C environmental temperature test. The TA-5000 is used for temperature testing in engineering product development test labs and production test floors for semiconductor IC devices and all kinds of electronic – non-electronic components and other parts and assemblies.

Thermal Test Enclosure
TA-5000A with Hood
Temperature Controlled Chambers
TA-5000A with Clamshell & Flex Hose

Localized Environmental Thermal Shock Test Chambers

MPI Thermal Systems provide an array of temperature testing capabilities to accommodate a variety of products requiring extreme environmental temperature testing. Bench top -40°C to +80°C applications to temperature cycling -100°C to +300°C environmental temperature test. Our thermal forcing systems are use for failure analysis in semiconductor IC devices and all types of electronic – non-electronic components and other parts and assemblies.

Environmental Temperature Testing Chamber

TA-5000A with Glass Cap
TA-5000A with Hood
Environmental Test Chamber
TA-5000A with Clamshell & Flex Hose
TA-5000B-with-Flex-Hose-1TA-5000B with Flex Hose
Small Test Chamber

TA-5000B with Clamshell & Flex Hose

Localized Test Chambers

MPI Thermal Test Chambers meet the demand for localized environmental temperature testing.

The ThermalAir temperature test equipment is used for thermal test of semiconductor,  automotive sensors,fiber optic components, microwave, hybrids, MCMs, PCBs or any type of electronic and non-electronic parts. Our temp cycle systems connect to your test setup to bring temperature test capabilities directly to your bench top or test station.

Temperature Conditioning Chamber

Environmental Chamber Clamshell Model

Thermal Test Enclosure

Environmental Chamber Hood Model

With quality construction, this innovative technology allows you to perform temperature simulation tests in situ, at a specific location, at your tester station, test bench, or directly on the unit under test.