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Semiconductor Industry & Application

In semiconductor manufacturing, engineers design integrated circuits and IC devices. The process of manufacturing semiconductors (commonly called ICs, or chips) consists of more than a hundred steps. Temperature forcing systems and environmental test chambers are part of the final test process. These environmental test assure quality and help with failure analysis by environmental stressing the device throughout the semiconductor product design and manufacturing back end test.

In the manufacturing of semiconductors electronic components for harsh environments, the IC package assembly and test stages of engineering and production include burn-in, electronic hot and cold testing at temperature, and other environmental test simulations. These semiconductor devices and electronics, once put in real world applications, can get exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

Environmental stress conditions such as radiation exposure, temperature extremes, vibration, and dirt encountered by the military, on factory floors, and under the hoods of automobiles, these semiconductor devices need to keep working. To assure quality and reliability of electronic devices, semiconductor manufacturers need to simulate harsh environments during the engineering and production test stage. This is why the MPI Thermal TA-5000 Series ThermalAir temperature test products are part of the test.

Some Applications 

  • Product Engineering
  • Back-End Test
  • Incoming Inspection
  • IC Handler Verification
  • Functional Test
  • Cooling the IC while Stress Full Cycle
  • Failure Analysis
  • Final Test

And More…

Product Engineers and Test Engineers in the lab and on the semiconductor production floor use and share the ThermalAir temperature forcing systems to bring their devices to temperature ranges from -55°C to +125°C. ThermalAir environmental temperature test systems generate a hot and cold air stream directly on the device under test (DUT). The ThermalAir TA-5000 has a temperature range from -90°C to +225°C without the use of Ln2 or CO2. Our portable self-contained thermal inducing systems only need to be plugged in and you’re ready for test. This lets you easily temperature test your electronic semiconductor IC devices.
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Precision Temperature Forcing Systems use a direct temperature-controlled stream of hot or cold air to provide a precise thermal environment for temperature testing, conditioning and cycling of electronic and non-electronic assemblies and sub-systems. The ThermalAir Temperature system enables the test. This allows you to perform temperature simulation tests in situ, at a specific location, at your tester station, test bench or directly on the unit under test.

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