MPI April revenue is NTD$186,775k, YoY up 33%, and breaks historical record.

The revenue will remain strong due to entering better seasonal pattern.

The pin-counts shipment is 182,241 pins, YoY up 5.4% and B/B surge to 1.2 from 0.82 from March.

The LED equipment shipment was 45units, YoY flat.

MPI shipment is 168 units from Jan to April in 2008, historical record.

In reflect of No.

35 accounting role, the revenue of first quarter shipment will reveal in 2nd quarter of 2008.

Due to the massive Capex plan from upstream LED epi makers, MPI expects a aggressive demand of LED equipment in year 2008.

Either silicon ingot demand remains strong or the solar wafer price surges to USD$470/kg make the outsourcing of ingot slicing


more critical. The solar B.U still experiences a strong demand and the core-competence will be enhancing the yield rate.