• April 12 -13, 2016
  • Rohde & Schwarz RUS OOO (Office Moscow)
  • Please come join the joint-workshop at Pavlovskaya street, b7, str.1, 5th floor Business Center Pavlovskiy

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[Subject:] Specifics of the wafer-level measurements and RF calibration based on planar transmission lines
[Abstract:]In this talk we will review specifics of the planar transmission lines such as dispersion and the frequency depended characteristic impedance. Detailed understanding of these phenomena is the key success factor for achieving accurate wafer-level calibration and measurement results. Special attention will be given to definition of the traveling waves, pseudo-waves in planar lines, pseudo S-parameters as well as to the calibration reference impedance of the wafer-level multiline Thru-Reflect-Line (TRL). The theoretical part will be supported by the CST-simulated data and by the measurement data obtained on an integrated RF Probe System.
[Presenter:]Dr. Andrej Rumiantsev
[Time:]15:30, Wednesday, April 13, 2016