MPI TS3000-SiPH Automated Probe System

The TS3000-SiPH from MPI is an automated 300 mm probe system, specifically designed for characterizing silicon photonics devices.

The TS3000-SiPH feature set provides:

  • High precision fiber alignment systems with maximum flexibility for single or fiber arrays in a dual or single positioner setup
  • Safest operation by including wafer to fiber proximity detection and fiber collision prevention
  • Recommended device test temperature from -40…100°C; System capability -60…300°C
  • Minimizing the system footprint by integrating additional silicon photonics instrumentation in a dedicated measurement shelf

TS3000-SiPh Fact Sheet

TS3000-SiPh Data Sheet

Features and Benefits

Silicon Photonics Fiber Alignment Systems

Variety of fiber positioning stages and related software can be easily used with the TS3000-SiPH probe system. The shortest platen to chuck distance allowing shorter fiber arms with higher stability and less measurement noise. Solutions for just single fiber or multi-fiber-arrays are…


Probe Hover Control™

MPI Probe Hover Control PHC™ allows easy manual control of probe contact and separation to wafer. Separation distance can accurately control with micrometer feedback for probe to wafer/pad positioning. Ease of use guarantees the safest operation by minimizing error during critical set-up and probe change operations.


Easy Wafer Loading

The dual front door access and the unique chuck design allows easy loading / unloading procedure for 150, 200, 300 mm wafers, wafer fragments or even small down to 5×5 mm ICs.

AUX chucks are both located in front where can be loaded…

TS3000 Automated-Probe System Integrated Hardware Control Panel

Integrated Hardware Control Panel

The intelligent hardware control panel is completely integrated into the probe system and is designed based on decades of experience and customer interactions to provide faster, safer and convenient system control and test operation. The keyboard and mouse are strategically located to control the software if necessary and will also control the Windows® based instrumentation.

Chuck Systems MPI ERS PRIME Technology

Thermal Chuck Integration

Due to smart chiller integration, the TS3000 series provide optimized footprint for saving the valuable space in the Lab.

Together MPI and ERS designed the new 300 mm thermal chuck PRIME™ technology family, offering unsurpassed thermal flexibility and the largest variety of thermal…


ERS Patented AC3 Cooling Technology Incorporated

These chucks incorporate the patented AC3 cooling technology and self-management system to purge the MPI ShielDEnvironment™ using recycled cooling air, thus drastically reducing air consumption 30% to 50% as compared to other systems on the market.

Integrated measurement instrumentation

The silicon photonics instrument shelf consists all required components of the positioning control hardware, seamless integrated without adding additional floor space. It is placed in user friendly distance for convenient setup operation.

Feel the Difference

Software Suite SENTIO®

MPI automated engineering probe systems are controlled by a unique and revolutionary, multi-touch operation SENTIO® Software Suite – simple and intuitive operation saves significant training time, the Scroll, Zoom, Move commands mimic modern smart mobile devices and allows everyone to become an expert in just minutes. Switching between the active application and the rest of the APPs is just matter of a simple finger sweep.

For RF applications, there is no need to switch to another software platform – the MPI RF calibration software program QAlibria® is fully integrated with SENTIO® – for ease of use by following a single operational concept methodology.